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Tray + paint = instant chic

July 13, 2012


I’ll admit it: I am addicted to the Matters of Style home decor blog. With ties to Charlotte, and often featuring cities that I’ve visited in the Southeast, I’m positively inspired by Sarah Fisher’s sense of style.

MOS is what I blame for my wicked bamboo addiction (meaning any furniture or home accessories with a bamboo design — real or faux — becomes a must-have item) and more recently, for my scouring Goodwill stores for vintage silver pieces.

It was MOS-driven silver fever that inspired me to pick up the tarnished silver plated platter during a recent trip to Goodwill. It was dingy and in rough shape, but I figured for $4ish, how bad could it be? I could always paint it, right?

After cleaning with silver polish, the tray was a bit better, but no where near being presentable as-is. That’s when me and my pal green spray paint were reunited after quite a hiatus.

A few coats of paint and I had a perfectly swank bar tray that will work just fine until my husband Patrick and I can figure out exactly what we want the bar set up in the dining room to look like (I vote for bar cart, he says full bar. Not so much.).

What has paint saved/transformed for you?

– Rachel

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