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Terrarium Pandemonium

July 25, 2012


Terrariums are all the rage these days.

I have seen them popping up on blogs and pinterest left and right.  They require so little time and energy to maintain (and they are fairly cheap to assemble using containers from Goodwill, which cost next to nothing!), so what better way to add some greenery to perk up your house or office?

Here are some pictures I used for inspiration in my own home:



terrarium as jewelry!

(photo credits for 1, 2 and 3)

To put together your own terrarium, all you need is the following:

Potting Soil – local home improvement store

Container (preferably made of glass) – found at my local goodwill – get creative!

Succulents – local home improvement store

Rocks – already had but can be found at a home improvement or craft store

For decorative effect, I added half of the rocks to the bottom of the glass vase.

Then I filled the vase with potting soil and added the plants.

And watered.

Added the rocks.

And begged the kitties not to eat them.

Love the way it turned out!!

I also potted three beautiful baby cacti.

I was ready to wrap the project but then I remembered this picture.

But who has glitter covered dinosaurs and mythical figures just laying around?

Umm, yeah, I do.

So I added three of my favorites.

The unicorn…


And the three headed dragon…

Now, its perfect!  Just have to find a safe location away from curious noses, pesky paws and creeping critters.

What about you? Do you have terrariums in your home or office?

– Kim

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