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Technology Graveyards: What to do with old electronics!

September 27, 2012


Technology changes so quickly these days.  You buy the latest and greatest edition only to find out the newest option will be rolled out in a month.  Technology is great on many levels (especially for organizing!).  Information is at our fingertips.  We can streamline schedules and to-do lists with handy apps and gadgets.

With the ever changing and expanding product line, we tend to buy the new model when our old one is …well old.

As a home organizer, I see our technology graveyards every day.  Every home has some old computer equipment laying around, whether it’s in your office, attic, basement or “extra” closet. Some of the most common items I’ve seen lately include:

  • Keyboards
  • Monitors
  • CPUs
  • Printers
  • Software packages
  • Gaming systems (think: Nintendo)

Buying new electronics is wonderful because they are faster and can work more efficiently.  But what to do with those old parts? Trashing them is not a good idea, but there seems to be a hesitation about donating them.

  • “Is it worthwhile to donate?”
  • “What would they do with an old keyboard?”

Goodwill can work miracles on technology, and they do so in order to sell refurbished electronics in their Computer Works store. Computer Works is located at:

2913 Freedom Dr
Charlotte, NC 28208

Computer Works sells a wide array of refurbished computers, printers, software and related products.    They can use what you no longer want to help fund job training and employment programs that are vital in our community.

If they cannot get old electronics to work, then those electronics will be recycled for you (see my previous post on the recycling process).

Don’t hold on to those old monitors and CPUs any longer!  Drop them off at your local Goodwill donation station and help fund their training programs!

(Photo Sources: here and here)

So, tell us: what is in your electronic graveyard?
– Jennifer

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