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DIY: A Classic Fall Table Centerpiece

October 9, 2012


I was at Goodwill the other day searching for some odds and ends to use for Fall decor, when I came across brass candlesticks + saucers. Perfect!

the supplies:

3 candle sticks (different graduating heights)- Goodwill usually has a great selection

2 small plates, saucers or even small bowls- also found at Goodwill 

1 taper candle stick and industrial strength glue



1. apply the glue around the tops of 2 of the candlesticks

2. place a plate on each, center, press down, & let to dry for 15-20 min

3. affix candle into remaining candlestick, place pumpkins onto plates and arrange it all as you prefer on your table


This is a simple and classic way to add the look of Fall to your dining area.

 What do you think? Have any crafty table decorating ideas? Please share!

– Camille

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