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No-Sew Halloween

October 27, 2012


I am just snobbish/proud enough to insist that my children not wear store bought Halloween costumes. This year, however, between baseball, riding lessons and family trips, Casa Sutherland has been on-the-go since the first leaf hit the ground.

For the briefest moment, I considered giving in, and hauling my nine and seven year-olds to the closest big box store and turning them loose on the costume aisle. Then I reconsidered.

The two biggest reasons for me to not give in? The price of store bought costumes and second, the fun factor: I want my kids to help me figure out how to pull it all together.

Instead, we went back to the drawing board and started over, me focusing on what we could pull off with out having to do major renovations on stuff we found at Goodwill.

Our costume subjects this year? Mace Windu from Star Wars for my son, Mavis from “Hotel Transylvania” for my daughter.

Know what? We pulled it off, thanks to Goodwill.

My son’s costume consists of an oversized hooded fleece cardigan, a tunic, black pants and a wide belt to cinch it all together. Out the door price, less the purple light saber from Walt Disney World? About $12.50 (the cardi and tunic are from the women’s department. Shhhh, don’t tell him!)

My daughter lucked out the most at Goodwill: we found a black “vampiress” wig new-in-the-package and a dress. We’ll accented with fingerless gloves and tights from another store. Grand total for the Mavis costume? About $13.

What’s your favorite no-sew costume that you put together at Goodwill?

– Rachel

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