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Guest Post: Nautical bedroom on a budget

November 5, 2012

As a budget decorator, I’m often tasked with the seemingly impossible task of transforming a space on a shoestring budget.  Needless to say, I depend on Goodwill for those unique touches that help to give the finished projects a more custom feel.

Recently, while working on a boy’s room, I was able to find great Goodwill accessories that gave the space so much more charm.

The client and I had decided upon a nautical theme.

I was really looking to create a space that was somewhat mature yet fun, with nautical touches and a dash of preppy.

I always weave Goodwill into my sourcing trips because you never know what you’ll find, but you always know the prices will be great.  From several local Goodwill locations, I was able to find:

  1. This great vintage retail coat rack…
  2. A vintage brass wall anchor and bell
  3. An oak weather center plaque
  4. Baskets
  5. Blue and white star ceramic cup

(Blue and white cup not pictured)

All of which were $10 or less.  Each item was just another special detail that helped the room come together and that helped me stay within the budget.

It’s often the mix of high and low, old and new that makes design work, and Goodwill continues to be a common thread throughout my interior design projects.

Happy hunting!


Cheryl owns Dwell by Cheryl interiors and is currently studying interior design in Charlotte, NC. Click here to read more posts by Cheryl – we love her style!

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