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Guest Post: Block it up

December 7, 2012


I love some big, thick, chunky heels. The higher the better. But sometimes, my tootsies just can’t take the 5+ inch heights.

Enter the more polished, equally as trendy sister to the smoking loafer (the early It shoe of the season): the block heel. So low and not nearly as unflattering as flats!

The lower (but not lowest) profile heel is chic and vaguely lady like, block heels of 2012 have a distinct 1960s vibe, while some veer into a throwback to the 1990s giant heel/shoe phase as well. I still have my favorite shoes of that particular era: Steve Madden maroon loafers with a fat, wide, 2.5 inch chunky heel. Heaven!


Either way, perhaps the best thing about this block heel revival is the retro groove, which means finding actual vintage examples of the style at Goodwill are a slam dunk.

Once you find a new-to-you pair of block heels, how do you style? Take a cue from

A block heel with a little sparkle or ankle strap could be the perfect shoe to elevate your favorite holiday look. Comfortable and stylish!

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