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Four Easy Steps to Donate and Support Goodwill

February 18, 2013

a7f281f9fe9c0204d7ff2cc9ab2042fdDoes this ever happen to you? You’re staring into a closet overflowing with items that you thought you’d love when you bought them, but find you never wear them. With warmer temperatures around the corner, now is the perfect time to make room in your closet for a fresh, new spring wardrobe you’ll actually wear.

Step One: Get a visual of what works–and what doesn’t. Take everything out of your closet and lay it on the bed. Discard any clothing that doesn’t fit you right now. We know it’s tempting to save that snug little black dress for when you lose another 10 pounds. However, if it’s just been sitting unused in your closet, donating it ensures that it won’t go to waste. Besides, when you do lose weight, wouldn’t you rather buy another new dress to celebrate?

Step Two: Even if all your clothes fit perfectly, follow the golden rule of closet organizing: if you haven’t worn it in more than a year, donate it! Now you’re left with clothes that fit you and aren’t outdated. Get rid of duplicates. Too many white dress shirts can limit your fashionable look.

Step Three: Return the remaining items to your closet. Take a deep breath and see all the room you have now for that spring wardrobe. You’re going to love shopping for new seasonal trends!

Step Four: Drop off your gently used clothes at your local Goodwill. By donating to Goodwill, you’re not only making room in your closet, but also helping people in your community receive free job training, career services, mentoring and other community-based programs. What a win-win!

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