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Earth Day Every Day

April 22, 2013

All around the world, people and families are celebrating Earth Day today. Here at Goodwill, we invite you to join us and other green-minded organizations in practicing environmentally-conscious efforts all year. Here are three ways you can help:

DSC_0081Host a Donation Drive

Goodwill donation drives are an easy opportunity to give back to the community while protecting our planet. By collecting gently-used donations, you are reducing the amount of garbage that ends up in our landfills. Shoppers complete the cycle by purchasing these used items and extending their useful life. What if a donated item isn’t sold? Goodwill is able to sell some items for salvage, and those items are then recycled into new items or sent to other countries for processing or purchase.

Become More Energy Efficient

Adding energy-efficient features to your home can save you hundreds of dollars per month and reduce electricity use. Goodwill Construction Services recently partnered with Habitat Charlotte to restore a foreclosed home into a model of energy efficiency for affordable housing. This general contractor service of Goodwill also offers its energy efficient/weatherization services to residential and business clients in the community. Affordable upgrades on the menu include special roofing and siding, low-flow water fixtures, compact fluorescent lighting and drought-resistant landscaping.

Recycle Electronics

Did you know that one of Goodwill’s most successful social enterprises is its electronic recycling program? Last year in our community alone, 3.8 million pounds of computers and related items were recycled, generating $1.2 million in revenue and providing valuable paid work opportunities for people with barriers to employment.

Our Dell Reconnect partnership makes it easy for you to recycle your used computer or electronics equipment. Simply drop off your donation, working or not, at any of our donation sites and we’ll make sure they are recycled responsibly. Goodwill refurbishes and resells some systems in working condition, creating green jobs to further support our mission of helping people find jobs by providing education, training and career services. In addition, this program allows Goodwill customers to purchase modern technology at an affordable cost at our ComputerWorks store.

Elizabeth Isenhour

Elizabeth Isenhour

How did you celebrate Earth Day 2013?

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