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Thrifting for 60s style

April 29, 2013

hippie-bohemian-clothing2The hit show “Mad Men” has brought the fashion of the late 1960s back into view and sent fans racing to thrift ships in search of vintage items. Here are tips for recreating this glamorous look at Goodwill without blowing your budget.

Major fashion trends in the late 1960s were the youthful and stylish hippie and mod looks. The hippie look was loose-fitting and free-spirited, while the mod look was sexy, slim and sleek. Both looks are easy to imitate with a few key pieces.

For the hippie look, look for hip-hugger or bell bottom jeans, voluminous blouses in floral prints and sandals. Other staples that communicate the “peace, love and freedom” movement include tie-dyed shirts, headbands, ponchos, polka dot-printed fabrics and long, puffed “bubble” sleeves. Colorful, psychedelic prints also came about during this era. Women’s hair was usually loose, flowing and long.

modThe mod look was characterized by sleek, form-fitting clothing. Mod dresses and skirts are A-line and either mid-thigh length or just below the knee. The iconic mod look was a boldly-colored and printed shift dress paired with go-go boots. Search for blouses or sweaters with ¾ length sleeves in typical mod colors (primarily white and black, but bright yellow, orange and pink can be incorporated as well). Go for crazy patterns or stripes with lines that pop. Chunky knee- or ankle-high boots complete the look. Pants for men were classic, slim-fitting black trousers or Levi’s jeans. The perfect example of the mod look in men can be seen in the early images of The Beatles.

For a classic 1960s look, a sleeveless or short-sleeve sheath dress is the easiest purchase for a period-appropriate feel. Tie a scarf around your neck, add a cocktail ring and a pair of kitten heels, and you’re set.

Elizabeth Isenhour

Elizabeth Isenhour

What’s your favorite fashion era?

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