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Tips for Landing Seasonal Employment

June 19, 2013

summerjob-268x3001The hot days of summer are officially here, which means that most employers have already hired their seasonal help. But if you were hitting the books instead of filling out job applications during the spring, there are still opportunities to find work this summer. Not only do employers have more summer openings to fill this year, but the economy’s recent perk-up means that more consumers will engage in summer travel, which is likely to boost hiring across several sectors, including leisure and hospitality, food service, retail and entertainment. Here are some tips from Goodwill staff on how teens and young adults can land seasonal employment.

Preparation is Key

Job competition remains fierce in every industry, so it’s critical to have a resume that is on point, free of mistakes and tailored to the position for which you are applying. “Not having had a job before is no excuse for having a lackluster resume,” says Stephanie Speece, career development specialist. Volunteer work, internships and community service projects should be included to illustrate your skills, work ethic and self-initiative. Speece counsels all applicants to thoroughly prepare for any interview, including doing your homework on the company and knowing the 10 most commonly asked interview questions.

Manage Your Digital Footprint

Although traditional networking is an important factor of securing employment, expanding the concept of social networking to the online world can enable job seekers to connect with influencers outside of their traditional networking circles. Be careful with what you post online, cautions Speece. Just as technology enables you to research employers easily, hiring managers are turning to the Web to screen prospective candidates.

Speece advises job seekers to Google themselves to see what information about them is available for employers to see. If you find information that you fear will undermine your professional credibility, try to have the content removed. Also make sure your voicemail message or email address projects a professional and courteous image.

Look Ahead to Future Career Opportunities

The summer is a great time to take inventory of what long-term career paths interest you and chart a course for exploring those industries, say Speece. Even if you’re not successful in finding summer employment related to your long-term career plans, taking proactive steps now—such as networking with industry contacts or requesting an informational interview—can connect you to another opportunity at a later date. It never hurts to check back in the fall, says Speece.

Most importantly, job seekers should never stop looking for prospective employment opportunities.  “The moment you decide you are unemployable is the moment you become unemployable,” say Speece.

Stephanie Speece is a Career Development Specialist who has been with Goodwill since 2009. Her current focus is working with Goodwill’s Career Leadership Academy for Youth and Emerging Adults programs.

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