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Building a Thrifted Library

August 16, 2013

Books - EGlenn3 (2)I have been an avid collector of rare and antiquarian books for more than 20 years and have turned the bonus room over my garage into a comfortable library. The best part? Everything in my library was furnished by Goodwill.

The leather wing chairs, computer desk and writing desk have all come from Goodwill stores. Most remarkably, my complete collection of classic leather-bound tomes has also come from Goodwill. The beautiful books that line my shelves are stories that have stood the test of time and boast classic authors such as Dickens, Twain, the Bronte sisters, Melville, Stevenson, Tolstoy, Kipling and countless others. Spending time in my private library is priceless. Exposure to the great thinkers of the globe has enriched me as a person and has affected nearly every facet of my life.

books1 - EGlenn copy (2)One of my proudest possessions is the purchase I made 15 years ago from the Goodwill retail store on South Boulevard.  The complete and original Harvard Classics was available to be purchased for a mere $20. I had wanted to buy the Harvard Classics for some time, but was unable to pay the hefty price tag. When the opportunity presented itself for me to take advantage of owning this 51-volume anthology of classic works, I did.

I cannot thank enough the contributors to Goodwill for allowing me to build such a priceless collection for literally pennies on the dollar. Every child in the Charlotte community should have a small library of some sort in their homes.

books - EGlenn2 (2)Eric Glenn, Sr. is a volunteer with Goodwill. To learn more about available volunteer opportunities, contact Community Engagement Manager Kilby Watson at or (704) 332-0316.

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  1. August 21, 2013 12:56 pm

    Pretty cool! Proof that a fabulous library needn’t break the bank.

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