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Success Story: Edith

September 27, 2013

IMG_7747crSince the 1980s, thousands of U.S. jobs have been lost as manufacturers began moving their operations overseas. A 20-year veteran of the garment industry, Edith Sanchez came to a crossroads in her career when her position as a tailor was eliminated as her employer filed for bankruptcy.

Edith relocated to Charlotte from New Jersey in 2010, seeking a fresh start and new opportunities. But as a single mother of three kids, she once again faced challenges to finding employment in the retail industry, which required time away from her family in the evenings and on weekends.

“I knew I needed to improve my skills in technology and computers,” said Edith. “It was important to me to find a position that would also allow me to continue my education.”

Edith enrolled in the Banking & Customer Service training program at Goodwill. In addition to gaining competitive skills in keyboarding, computer applications and customer service excellence, the program armed Edith with networking and career search strategies. These skills paid off when Edith met a local business owner and, over the course of several discussions, developed a business idea and proposed partnership for offering specialized services to Charlotte’s Hispanic/Latino population.

Today Edith is excited about what the future holds. While her business proposal is still in development, she feels confident that the skills, knowledge and network of contacts she gained at Goodwill will enhance her career plans.

Elizabeth Isenhour

Elizabeth Isenhour

Has networking ever helped you land a job? Tell us about it in the comments.

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