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Fashion Pointers When Thrifting

October 19, 2013

woman-shoppingShopping at Goodwill is a great way to score great deals on designer and vintage merchandise. The following tips will keep your eye sharp as you look for that one amazing piece.

Look for Quality

Train your eye to look for expensive fabrics and quality construction because those will be the best buys. While there is no foolproof method to determine a garment’s durability, carefully constructed items generally show a higher density of seams, have lining or some other type of reinforcement, and are made with heavier, denser fabrics. Stay away from anything from cheap fashion retailers because they run the risk of becoming quickly outdated and may have poor craftsmanship. The goal of thrift shopping is to find something that looks new without the “new” price.

Check Condition

The condition of the article must be in good shape if you plan on buying it. This means no piling, discoloring or stains anywhere along the garment, especially in the underarm seams. Check the hems and buttons for any loose threads or tears. If you’re looking at leather items, then make sure it isn’t cracked or broken. Even when you’re buying gently used items at Goodwill, don’t skimp on the condition of the product because of its low price.

Make Lasting Additions

Something might be a bargain, but it’s not worth the price if you’ll never wear it. Ask yourself if it really fits in your wardrobe. If the answer is “no,” wait to invest in something you absolutely love and know will be a welcome addition to your closet. Goodwill is a great place to score inexpensive fabric for you to practice your creations, too. Stick to simple reconstructions if you’re new at the DIY trend. If you check around, there may even be sewing patterns available for purchase.

Renee Watson is a mother of three who enjoys writing articles about relationships, family, budgeting, shopping and the 10 Top Colleges for Affordable Online Associates Degrees.

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