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Success Story: Ronald

November 1, 2013

DSC_0003Entrepreneurship has always been in Ronald Wherry’s nature, but it wasn’t until the Charlotte native came to Goodwill that he found a clear roadmap to fulfilling his dreams.

Ronald began his career in the U.S. Air Force working on weapons systems overseas. When he left the service in 2005, he obtained a degree in business administration from the University of Maryland and set off to pursue an international business venture in transportation service in Italy. Despite having a solid business plan in place, Ronald’s venture eventually folded and he fell into debt and financial hardship. For the next few years, he held positions in sales and engineering, but none fueled his passion for working for himself.

After returning to Charlotte in 2011, Ronald found himself facing mounting debt and unemployment. A counselor at the VA clinic referred him to Goodwill for job search assistance for veterans. After meeting team members Wanda Weeks and Vanessa McCants, a friendship was quickly formed. “When I met them, I immediately felt their positive energy and it’s been a beautiful relationship ever since,” Ronald says.

Goodwill’s services helped Ronald to strengthen his resume by translating military skills into civilian language, develop interviewing techniques and find job search leads. He also took Wanda’s advice to continue his education and is currently completing coursework towards a Master’s degree in business administration. “I really heeded the advice Goodwill gave me to keep adding tools to my toolbox,” he says.

Ronald soon found a job in logistics working for a private company in Afghanistan, a position he credits Goodwill for helping him find. During his return trips to Charlotte to visit his family, he always makes sure to stop by the Goodwill office to give updates to Wanda and Vanessa. And he has a new goal in mind for after he completes his MBA: to launch a business to help local veterans find housing.

“I have a new outlook on reaching my goals,” says Ronald. “I know it won’t happen overnight, so I take everything step-by-step and trust that every action will take me where I need to go.”

Elizabeth Isenhour

Elizabeth Isenhour

How do you approach your career goals?

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