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Saluting Our Veterans

November 8, 2013

veterans_day_parade_2signs_1377030206287_776147_ver1_0_320_240The U.S. Veterans Administration notes that 22 million veterans have reintegrated back into civilian life since World War I. That reintegration often proves difficult for veterans as they face numerous challenges, including finding meaningful employment to support themselves and their families. They sometimes lack the skills, education and credentials for jobs in the current marketplace. Many also may have physical and emotional disabilities, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Still others face non-work-related challenges such as lack of health care, child care, housing and transportation.

Here at Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont, we take a holistic approach. Our programs and services streamline re-entry and reduce the stressors of an already challenging time in the lives of returning military members. Many veterans who approach Goodwill for career services are surprised to find that they can gain much more than just job search assistance. They also gain a network of supporters who offer counsel, advice and encouragement long after a job has been secured–a valuable benefit to which veterans like Ronald can attest.

Goodwill’s holistic approach is working. Since April 2011, Goodwill Industries International has helped more than 106,280 veterans and military service members and hired more than 1,870. But that’s only the beginning. The Walmart Foundation recently granted $5 million to Goodwill to expand its Operation: GoodJobs program, which will serve an additional 4,000 veterans and military families over the next three years. Locally, Goodwill recently partnered with Lean Sigma Professionals and The Employers Association to launch the Veterans Productivity Pathway, a free program designed to prepare veterans and their dependents for positions in productivity-related jobs.

Thank you to all the veterans who have served our country. We stand ready to help you meet your career goals, so you can support your families.

Elizabeth Isenhour

Elizabeth Isenhour

What are you thankful for this Veterans Day?

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