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Success Story: Nubia

January 24, 2014

nubiaNubia Velazquez was working at a local dry cleaning business when she first heard about Goodwill’s free job training programs from a customer. After meeting with a Goodwill career counselor and learning about the services available to her, Nubia opted to enroll in the seven-week Banking & Customer Service training program. Taking a leap of faith, she resigned from her job to focus solely on her career training. “I always wanted to do something just for myself,” she says. “Here was my chance.”

Nubia sums up the competitive edge that Goodwill gave her in one word: confidence. “I had plenty of work experience, but I didn’t have the confidence to sell myself to an employer, especially in another language,” says the Nicaraguan native. Strengthening her interview skills became one of Nubia’s class goals.

During class, Nubia’s instructors worked with her on practicing how to best respond to interview questions and also showed her techniques for relaxing during an interview. Before she came to Goodwill, Nubia’s husband would often have to translate for her in job-seeking situations. But with enough practice, Nubia soon felt comfortable discussing her skills and qualifications in English. The interviewing strategies she learned in class paid off when Nubia was called in to interview for a teller position with Wells Fargo.

“When I walked into the interview room at Wells Fargo, it had the same set-up as the mock interview room at Goodwill,” Nubia recalls. Her mock interview training had not only prepared her for what to expect and what to ask, but it was also useful in putting her immediately at ease. “I visualized one of my classmate’s heads on the recruiter,” she laughs.

Nubia also gained confidence with computer programs and new technologies. “I did my very first Power Point presentation at Goodwill,” she says proudly. At graduation, Nubia received the Highest Test Score award in her class.

In the short-term, Nubia’s goal is to secure a teller position at a financial institution, a goal well within her reach. She was soon called in for a second interview with Wells Fargo after her initial meeting with the recruiter. A long-term career goal for Nubia is to obtain her loan officer license and eventually move into a different bank department.

“I came to Goodwill knowing nothing about computers or job interviews, but now I feel that I can do anything asked of me,” says Nubia. “I don’t have enough words to say ‘thank you’ for what I’ve learned here.”

Elizabeth Isenhour

Elizabeth Isenhour

How do you build confidence?

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