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Success Story: Kenneth

May 2, 2014

kennethKenneth came to Goodwill in 2011 through the Second Chance Program after serving 12 years in prison. From the beginning, he showed exceptional determination in his job search. He said that if an employer—any employer—gave him a chance, he promised to prove himself to be worthy by working hard and rebuilding his credibility.

After identifying his employment attributes and barriers, Kenneth began to work on transforming himself into a highly marketable job candidate. He enrolled in the transitional employment program to gain work experience and professional references, completed forklift training to give him documented skills training desirable to many employers, and obtained updated skill sets. He also connected with Goodwill’s community partner, Charlotte Area Fund, where he took advantage of workshops in financial literacy, interviewing and resume development.

Today Kenneth is employed with Keffer Mazda of Huntersville as their lead salesman, a promotion that he received after being recognized as one of the top five Mazda salesmen in this region. Although he has been with Mazda for only ten months, Kenneth has proved himself to be a key employee that works very hard to provide excellent customer service and outstanding outcomes for the Mazda dealership partners.

Kenneth is a shining example of how Goodwill changes lives. He came into our doors with only a small ray of hope that he may find a job. As we coached him to focus on his abilities, Kenneth was able to unlock his true potential and with time, support and encouragement, transformed himself into a confident, goal-oriented man working in a profession that he enjoys. Today he is also a proud father, a future husband, and a highly productive respected member of our community.

Verona Hendrix is a Career Development Specialist II at Goodwill.

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