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Success Story: Prince

May 30, 2014

Goodwill Cornerstone_Good Work! Award_Prince MosesA veteran of Desert Storm, Prince Moses always knew that he wanted to help other veterans overcome challenges by providing counseling. What he had in ambition, he lacked in work experience. With Goodwill’s help, Prince charted a course to help him land his dream job.

Prince used the Concord Job Connection and Goodwill’s career services to aid his job search. Within weeks, he learned to craft a compelling resume, how to present himself in interviews, and followed up with every job lead suggested to him by Goodwill staff.

When he met with a “negative,” Prince found a way to turn it into a “positive.” For one job in particular, he was told he did not have the necessary education and experience to qualify, but he pursued it and landed the interview using the job search etiquette tips that Goodwill taught him.

Prince soon found a job in Winston-Salem and did a 160-mile daily commute to gain work experience in his chosen field. He continued to help other job seekers by stopping by the Concord Job Connection to offer encouragement to participants and share job lead information. When a position at the VA Medical Center in Salisbury became available, Prince’s career coach at Goodwill gave him a glowing recommendation and he landed his dream job as a Peer Support Specialist.

“Despite the doors that were closed in my face at times, Goodwill always encouraged me to continue pressing on,” says Prince. “I’m living proof that if you believe you can, then you will.”

For his career success, Prince was awarded a Good Work! Award at Goodwill’s 2014 Cornerstone Celebration.

Elizabeth Isenhour

Elizabeth Isenhour

What is your dream job?

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