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Success Story: T.T.

August 15, 2014

trecikaA single mom of two amazing young preteen girls, T.T. Dunlap struggled to survive.

“I had to go without a lot of things to just keep a roof over my family’s head,” she said. “I had to go on government assistance and work temporary jobs that didn’t pay well because I didn’t have any of the necessary skills or training to get a better-paying job.”

T.T. was unaware of Goodwill’s career development services until seeing a television commercial. From there she went online to learn more about their services before visiting Goodwill’s Career Development Center to meet with an intake specialist. She drew encouragement from her family to participate in one of their programs. “As a single mother, my children look to me as their support system as well as a supplier of their needs.  They are my motivation to want more and to have more,” T.T. says.

T.T. enrolled in Goodwill’s Construction Skills Training program to acquire the certifications and skills that were needed to break into the construction industry. Working in construction had been an ambition of hers since childhood, but being a female, she was encouraged by people close to her to seek out a more traditional women-focused career choice. For years she worked as a licensed practical nurse, but was unhappy. “I tried on several occasions to find the training that I needed to switch careers, but there are no other programs that provided what Goodwill gave me. And believe me, I searched for years,” T.T. says.

As a result of the hands-on training and industry knowledge she acquired at Goodwill, T.T. was able to successfully transition into her chosen career path and today she co-owns and operates Dunlap Steel Erectors LLC. She says her job now gives her pride and motivation. “Construction begins as nothing but a lot or acre of dirt and ends as a spectacular building for the owners and the public to enjoy.  Just knowing that my company has a hand in completing the vision is a wonderful, accomplished feeling.”

T.T. had no idea how her Goodwill experience would come full circle. A year after completing the program, T.T. had the opportunity to introduce herself to a Goodwill regional manager in South Carolina, David Hessberger. During their conversation, T.T. shared her gratitude towards Goodwill and the Construction Skills Training program. David was able to get T.T. construction projects at some of the new Goodwill retail stores, where she successfully led construction efforts.

T.T. encourages other women not be intimidated by entering a male-dominated field. “I am usually the only female working on a job site, and I am always asked why I chose construction as a career and where I received my training,” she says. “Once I tell a person about Goodwill’s construction program, they are shocked because a lot of people think of Goodwill as only the donation center and not as a career development center.”

“My life has changed for the better,” T.T. says of her situation today. She credits Goodwill for giving her a fulfilling and rewarding career and urges others to do the same. “Start making plans to change your circumstances and your future by going to a Goodwill job center and finding the resources they have to offer you and your family.”

Elizabeth Isenhour

Elizabeth Isenhour

How did you find your true calling?

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  1. August 18, 2014 8:35 am

    Fantastic story.

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