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Organize Your Bookshelves with Unique DIY Bookends: Part 1 of 2

December 2, 2014

The book debate continues: do you prefer reading on a Nook or Kindle or do you like the “real thing”? Electronic readers are lightweight, portable and you can take hundreds of books wA to Z imageith you wherever you go. On the other hand, who doesn’t like to curl up by the fire with a good novel? There’s just something about turning an actual page to find out what happens next.

I like the Kindle for travel, but l love books and collect old ones, particularly vintage classic novels. As with any collection, keeping your bookshelves organized and neat can be a problem. Don’t pack your books away: display your favorites with unique DIY bookends made from items you find at places like Goodwill.

What could be more appropriate than A to Z bookends? This no-sew set is so easy to do you’ll want to give them as gifts.




Wood Embroidery Hoops


I’m always finding wood embroidery hoops at Goodwill. I guess it’s a lost art. And since bookends need a heavy base, I picked up a pair of small glass candle holders.

A to Z Fonts

Choose a font you like and print ‘A’ and ‘Z’ sized to fit in your hoops. Instead of matching, I decided to use a round and an oval hoop. The asymmetry makes an arrangement much more interesting.


Cut out each letter from felt. Pick a color that goes with your décor. The classic font I choose called for black.

Textured Background

Whether I’m designing a room interior, a craft project or home accessory, I think about texture and contrast. That’s why I used burlap as my base. I love the roughness of raw burlap against the smooth wood hoop and matte felt. The shiny glass candle holder will add another layer.

Depending on the size of your hoop, you’ll only need a very small piece of fabric. Stretch the burlap on the hoop, paying attention to the weave (you’ll want to make sure it’s straight). Glue on the letter with white craft glue.


Trim to Burlap

Trim off the excess burlap. Trace the hoop on another piece of felt and glue to back inside to give it a little more stability.


Up Close AUp Close Z


Attach each hoop to the candleholder with a little more craft glue. Allow to dry. Voila! The perfect set of bookends for a traditional bookcase or library.






Merri Cvetan writes about her DIY décor projects, including bookend and bookcase ideas, for Home Depot. Merri started her career as an interior designer after she bought an 1890s farmhouse and has since done a wide variety of work, including redecorating homes in her area. To view Home Depot’s online selection of bookcases and shelves, click here.

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