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Organize Your Bookshelves with Unique DIY Bookends: Part 2

December 5, 2014

Modern Bookend

A More Modern Take

If  you’re a paperback book or graphic novel reader, you might be interested in a modern bookend look. Book-page bookends will look great on contemporary bookshelves.

Book Ends

I often get inspiration for a project just browsing at Goodwill. When I found this wood napkin holder, I knew I could upcycle it into bookends.

Metallic Bookends

This project requires a miter box saw. Lucky for me, my husband has a shed full of power tools! I cut the holder in half (actually, my husband did!), making sure the bottom was flush with the sides. I sanded the cut edges smooth and lightly sanded the shiny finish so new paint would stick. It got two coats of black spray paint and a light blast of silver paint. Solid black just seemed too stark.


Folding Books

I tore the cover off of a paperback book, and then cut it in half. Next, you simply fold each page in half.

Folding books 2


Glue another loose page to the binding side of your folded book with a glue stick. It gives it a neat finish.

Final Folding books

The last step is to glue the folded pages to each half of the L-shaped stand. Once the glue is dry, put them to work. Who knows, your shelves will look so great, you might buy a few more books!

Merri Cvetan writes about her DIY décor projects, including bookend and bookcase ideas, for Home Depot. Merri started her career as an interior designer after she bought an 1890s farmhouse. To view Home Depot’s selection of power saws, including the type of miter saw Merri used, you can visit the company’s website.

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