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Veteran’s Day Success Story: Bridget

November 11, 2015

Bridget 2 EditedFor someone who has left the workforce, re-entering the hiring arena and landing a new job can be difficult. Lapses in resumes and employment history can become a barrier when trying to find a job.

In early 2014, Bridget made the difficult decision to leave her job with the federal government in Fayetteville, N.C., to take care of her sick mother in Philadelphia, Pa. Upon her return to Charlotte, N.C., a few months later, re-entering the workforce proved to be a challenge.

Prior to her job with the federal government, Bridget worked for the Department of Employment Security Commission for 17 years. Here, she heard much about Goodwill and learned about its services and offerings. In late 2014, a longtime friend who had collaborated with Goodwill on several community projects recommended to Bridget that she visit Goodwill for help in re-entering the workforce.

Bridget took her friend’s advice and came to Goodwill’s Career Development Center in Charlotte. She met with Marie, Evaluation and Assessment Specialist, who conducted a personal interview with Bridget to better understand her needs. She then encouraged her to look at Goodwill’s internal job vacancies on the computer and apply to an open Internal Audit Services Manager position at Goodwill. Bridget applied for the position that day and was called in for an interview soon after. A few weeks later, Bridget was hired for the position.

Bridget served active duty in the Army from 1989 – 1994 and has been in the Army Reserves ever since. The day after Bridget accepted her job offer at Goodwill, she was called to serve her country overseas in Kuwait. This was Bridget’s first time being deployed overseas, and Shannon, Director of Corporate Compliance and Bridget’s supervisor at Goodwill, ensured Bridget that her job would be waiting for her upon her return.

Bridget served in Kuwait for 10 months as an Internal Control Officer with the 469th Theater Financial Management Support Center. Throughout Bridget’s deployment, Shannon sent her care packages that included books, magazines, holiday treats and even Goodwill promotional items to keep her spirits up. Bridget was thankful for the support that her Goodwill family showed her despite her being overseas.

“Shannon made me feel really good,” Bridget says. “Even though I wasn’t working for Goodwill yet, she wanted to check in with me. That meant a lot.”

Today, Bridget is back from serving overseas and working at Goodwill. She is thankful for the opportunity that Goodwill gave her when re-entering the workforce after taking care of her mother, and just as grateful that Goodwill supported her overseas deployment before assuming her current position.

“Everyone from my fellow veterans to my family and friends were amazed that Goodwill held my position for me for almost an entire year while I served,” Bridget says. “As a veteran, it’s a good feeling to know that my employer is behind me supporting my military duty and helping me re-enter the workforce. I feel happy, relaxed and refreshed to be here.”

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