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How to Create a DIY Christmas Frame Wreath

December 11, 2015

Image 1 Frame Christmas WreathThe holiday season is fast approaching, and there’s so much to do in so little time: shopping, decorating, baking, wrapping gifts and sending packages. If you’re anything like me, you aren’t satisfied with doing the same thing year after year.

I like to choose a theme or color before I start decorating, and then repeat it throughout the house. This year, I’m considering an elegant combination of silver and white. The duo will look great on a green tree, at the table and on the front door.

Since I’m doing something different, I might as well go all the way! Instead of the usual round evergreen wreath, I decided on right angles.

I bought a 12.5 in. x 16 in. wood picture frame. After removing the glass and back, I spray painted it white with a satin finish.

Image 2

It wouldn’t be a Christmas wreath without some green, so I purchased a 9 ft. fir garland. I draped half of it around the frame and held it in place by twisting pieces of the pine together. There are no hard and fast rules. I draped mine with the end of the garland even with the bottom of the frame, but you could wrap the garland all the way around.

Image 3

I find it so much easier to design and make a wreath when it is hanging upright on a door. It’s easier to attach items and you can step back to see how it looks as you add more.

Wire eight silver ornaments together using florist (or fine) wire. I used three sizes and staggered them to fit in the empty space between the garland and frame. Plastic ornaments are light-weight, won’t break and are resistant to the weather.

Image 4

The “Victorian” style swag with ornaments in the center make for a very symmetrical wreath. I continued the balance with a bow in the center and tucked the streamer ends into the garland on the sides of the frame. Silver bead garland added another layer of elegance when draped across the front.

Image 5

You can add as much or as little as you want. For my surname (Cvetan), I pulled out a silver “C” from my ornament box as a “Welcome to Our Home” statement. Silver and white are my colors for the season, but traditional red and white would also look great, as would gold and white. Or, I could have done it in raspberry to match the front door. The possibilities are endless!

Image 6

Merri Cvetan started her career as an interior designer when she bought the ultimate “fixer-upper,” an 1890s farmhouse. She writes on her home decor expertise, including holiday DIY, for The Home Depot. Merri has a passion for entertaining, antiques and traveling, which are reflected in her design projects. To see this year’s holiday designs available at Home Depot, click here.

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